True Handleless

The pattern for handle-less kitchens appears to develop each year. There is no denying that the continuous smooth finish of a sleek new kitchen without handles gives a real ‘Amazing’ factor, but, not every handleless range are made the same!

There are 2 unique sorts of handle-less kitchens. The genuine handle-less kitchens look which is accomplished with an aluminum rail recessed into the cabinet between the worktop and the drawer units. Handle-less kitchens also enabling your fingers to be put ‘behind’ the cabinet door to open it. This plan requires the rails to be a part of the kitchen carcass and thus, gives a completely incorporated finish.

Besides the less expensive ‘J’ shaped plan a groove carved out of the top of the door enabling your fingers to be set before the entryway so as to open it. This Handle-less kitchens outline is somewhat less expensive because of the fact that it doesn’t require modification to the cabinet carcass yet it is obsolete and awkward for some individuals, particularly anybody without short fingernails as the door can be hard to grasp.

Our Handleless Range is ‘True’ Handleless

Aside from the smooth looks of our handle-less ranges, the extra advantages include:

They consume less space

As you don’t have to consider handles, corners can be more tighter and the spacing between end cabinets and island can be measured door to door.

Flush Worktop

For the most part with handled kitchen, the worktop would overhang the cupboard doors by 20-40mm yet with handle-less kitchens, the worktop can be introduced flush with the door or a 5-10mm overhang depending upon inclination. In any case, the little space saving makes for an outwardly bigger space between cupboards.

Recessed LED Lighting

The recess gave by the handle-less kitchen rail, gives an ideal course to under mount LED lighting which can give a surrounding background light all through your kitchen.

Not any more Catching your garments

A moderately minor point but everyone at some point has gotten their attire or more worse they hit their arm or leg on a kitchen handle! The true handle-less outline offers the clean uncluttered look and makes it simpler to explore around the kitchen without paying special mind to handles!

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